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What is Capital Murder?

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What is Capital Murder?

There are four classes of Murder and none of them are the same. Each of the four is a severe form of Murder, though not of the same seriousness.

Murder consists of the killing of another human being with a threat to cause great bodily harm or death, and the murderer has either killed the victim intentionally or accidentally. For instance, if you leave your car running and start a fire with gasoline which ignites in your home and sets the place on fire, you are not guilty of Murder.

Homicide is the taking of human life without the intent to kill. If you drive your car into a crowd of people, you are not guilty of homicide, though this crime carries the same penalties.

Terrestrial trespassers are persons who enter the private property of another, without the owner’s permission. They endanger the person or property of another and cause harm. Killing someone, by accident or purposely, with intent to injure him is the crime of an intentional terrier.

Terrestrial trespassers need not be killed. The death penalty is available to punish these people.

Homicide by negligence occurs when a person causes the death of another without malice or any culpable conduct. Killings caused by actions or ignorance may not lead to death or serious injury, but may, nevertheless, be considered manslaughter, or homicide, as well.

Intentional homicide is where the motive was murder with the aim of causing serious bodily harm or death. In the case of people that you would consider somewhat respectable in their society, who are able to leave home to attend work and get away without any fear of being caught, they may be considered “good people” even though it is murder. However, there is the possibility that they might not be remorseful or could get bail for the case.

Then there is an unfortunate homicide, that of a child that dies as a result of the negligence of another. People who do not know or do not care for a child can be considered “bad people” if they do not take action to help this child.

Intentional Homicide may only occur if there is evidence that the death has occurred by the defendant’s intentional act. This should always be used in the state of Virginia, where Capital Murder is concerned.

Felony murder is where the murder is the result of the unlawful act of another. Then there is the misnomer of the “civil” homicide, for example, the shooting of a defenseless victim who is caught in the crossfire of a fight.

The type of murder can have a greater impact than the type of punishment to which the person is sentenced. Those types of crimes need to be punished the most severe, to serve as an example to all those who would engage in crimes that would cause other people to harm or death.

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