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What Crimes Are Most Common in Canada?

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What Crimes Are Most Common in Canada?

Just where crimes occur in Canada is a challenge to the general public. When we say where crimes happen, we mean places where the government decides it is worth having dedicated resources to study crime trends and why. The government is responsible for developing strategies to save the country’s resources and to reduce the likelihood of crime and disorder happening in the first place.

Many people would think that any criminal justice related activity could be described as crime or criminal activity. Sometimes it’s better to think of the word crime differently and use it in comparison to a public health problem like a sickness or an issue like obesity. As a health problem it’s sometimes better to use the word problem or disease rather than crime. Some examples are diabetes, which is a medical problem, or obesity, which is a public health problem.

In Canada crime is a problem for the government to study and plan for. While many countries face poverty and crime and some countries have one, others don’t. Areas with high crime rates are often areas that are overcrowded and lack mental health resources.

In Canada and most of the world we have a problem with crime. It’s too bad that the crime rate is escalating even though the population is growing. Check out the most common crimes in Canada:

Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault is the most common crime. Aggravated assault is included in the definition of aggravated murder, which is a serious crime. Aggravated murder is included in aggravated assault and in aggravated battery, which are the most common crime.

Drug Trafficking

Another example of a drug-related crime is drug trafficking. While illegal drugs can cause different kinds of crimes, it’s the same drugs that can cause some serious criminal problems. Crimes of this type include large amounts of illegal drugs being transported, some serious violent crimes, and often the highest level of crime in a population.

Crimes of all kinds can be compared to a public health problem. Crime is about the same as medical conditions and public health issues.

Gangs and drug crimes can be compared to diseases. Drugs can cause serious problems that are more deadly than any crime. A public health organization needs to study a drug problem and drug-related crime in order to protect the health of the population and the wealth of the nation.

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