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The Different Types of Child Custody

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The Different Types of Child Custody

Knowing the exact types of Child Custody is the first step to finding what you need. Understanding the types of Child Custody allows you to better decide the type of court that you will hire for your case.

The type of child custody is as important as the type of custody you would like. Knowing how the court and judges work and how the court views your particular situation is the first step in having the Child Custody you need. The types of child custody will guide you to what you may be eligible for in your particular situation. Just knowing the type of Child Custody you may be getting can help you know what kind of court you will be in. Here are different types of Child Custody you can opt-in for:

Separate Custody

This is what the courts consider when you want a Parenting Plan in the event of a divorce. This means that there is not to be co-parenting and the parents are getting the custody of the children entirely. If both parents live with you in your home, then the children are the property of the parents. If the parents divorce and you become their Legal Separator you have sole custody of the children.

Primary Custody

This is how the courts start when considering two parents as parents in a divorce. In this instance, the Parenting Plan would be one that is the parents as Parenting Plan. The children’s time with the parents would be divided between them and the Child.

Joint Custody

This type of court can work when both parents have joint custody and sole custody for the children. Both parents have rights to the children. If one parent is an Abuse Solicitor, they will be able to have a Judge preside over your divorce and this would be joint custody for the children. If you and your spouse can not agree on what Child Custody you want, you may have to go to court and seek out a different type of court.


This is a type of joint custody that can be given when one parent is the primary Parenting Plan, but both parents are granted the right to be primary custodial parents of the children. This can be with or without joint custody with some cases, but they are rare. You may be able to get a parenting plan with only the legal parent if you have only been married for about six months.

Third-Party Custody

A Judge will preside over a Parenting Plan for you and your child. This type of custody is common when you and your Child’s parents have a history of counseling for the children. In some cases, you can have an arrangement where a mediator can help in your mediation and if you can not agree on child custody you can appoint a mediator to help you. With this type of custody, you have no rights to the children.

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